Best Oral Health Resolutions to Make This Year

Oral health

A new year is in full swing, which means it’s time to start making your resolutions for 2021. Whether you call it a resolution or a goal, making a commitment to yourself is always a worthwhile exercise. Have you made your resolutions yet? If you haven’t put your goals down on paper yet, now is the time to start. Instead of going to the gym this year, choose to improve your oral health with these oral hygiene resolutions!

Improve your brushing technique

Brushing your teeth sounds simple – but you may be surprised to learn that most people aren’t using the proper technique. As a result, they aren’t getting the full benefits, even if they are consistently brushing their teeth twice a day. Up your tooth brushing game with these expert tips:

  • Keep your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle
  • Set a timer for two minutes
  • Use small, slow circular motions
  • Brush the outer, inner, and chewing surfaces of your top and bottom teeth
  • Use mouthwash before or after brushing

Drink more water

Water contributes to anywhere between 50 to 70 percent of your overall body weight. Every cell, muscle, and organ relies on water in order to keep things running smoothly. Drinking water not only keeps your tissues and joints healthy but also helps your mouth stay healthy, too. Unfortunately, you are constantly losing water as you breathe and sweat throughout the day.

Make a commitment to drink more water to keep your teeth and gums clean from harmful bacteria. Water also stimulates better saliva production, which delivers essential nutrients and minerals to boost enamel strength. An added benefit is that you’ll also be supporting better skin and brain health while you hydrate!

Fight back against staining

Teeth can become stained or discolored for many reasons. One of the most common reasons for discoloration is the types of foods and beverages we consume. Make 2021 your year to have the whitest teeth yet by making smarter dietary choices! Limit your intake of the following:

  • Soft drinks
  • Energy drinks
  • Black tea
  • Coffee
  • Red wine
  • Candy
  • Tomato sauce
  • Dark berries and fruits

Of course, another key reason many dental patients experience stained or discolored teeth comes from tobacco use. Tobacco products contain nicotine, which causes deep, yellow stains that can only be removed by a professional whitening treatment.

Start using mouthwash regularly

If you aren’t already in the habit of using a mouthwash each day, make 2021 your year to start! Mouthwashes help remove harmful bacteria and lingering food particles from cracks and crevices within your teeth. Some mouthwashes can also provide enamel-boosting minerals, called remineralizing mouthwashes. You could also choose a fluoride-based mouthwash to prevent cavities from forming. Using a mouthwash can not only help strengthen enamel, but it can create a protective barrier against bacteria, plaque, and tooth decay.

Let Hinsdale Dental Help Make 2021 Your Healthiest Year Yet!

Getting regular cleanings and scheduling two dental checkups per year is essential to your oral health. Have you scheduled your cleaning yet? Are you overdue for your first checkup of 2021? Give Hinsdale Dental a call today and get back on track for the new year!

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