Sterilization Technology

Every day, new advances are made in the dental field. Hinsdale Dental knows how important it is to remain healthy, which is why new technology has been brought into the practice keeping health and safety in mind.

Aerosols inevitably end up in the air during dental treatment. These emissions may contain saliva, blood, or other bacteria that can cause sickness in patients and staff. Hinsdale Dental has brought in two new pieces of equipment recommended by the ADA (American Dental Association) to reduce these risks.

The first technology is the EOS Extraoral Suction System. The second is the Purevac HVE System.

EOS Extraoral Suction System

By bringing in the EOS system, patient and staff health has been made an even greater priority than before. The system offers various attack methods, and viruses, germs, and bacteria are removed in the process. This state-of-the-art technology will reduce the number of total aerosols in the air.

Without EOS

High volumes of droplets and aerosols produced by high-speed handpieces and ultrasonic scalers affect the environment’s safety.

With EOS

EOS Extraoral Suction System removes droplets and aerosols from the origin, killing the chance of infection during treatment.

Medical Grade Filtration

This EOS system contains an H-14 HEPA filtration system. The H-14 is a filtration system made up of three-layers to stop viruses and bacteria from escaping. The efficiency of the filter has been proven at 99.995% at >0.3 microns.

For additional disinfection, UV-C light is used. This UV-C light is medical-grade, like the HEPA filter, and kills bacteria, germs, and viruses caught in the filter. This system promotes immediate drying in the cabinet’s base, allowing water vapor filtering to help emit clean, dry air from the system.

Flawless Design for Maximum Output

The American-made motor is called “the heart of the system.” This motor design has a long life and will also reduce noise in the patient room.

The rear exhaust design uses water vapor filtration, assuring that clean and virus-free air is exited from the machine. Therefore, aerosol emissions are reduced using powerful suction, promoting a safe procedure space for patients and staff.

Purevac HVE (High Volume Evacuation) System

The second piece of new technology that helps reduce aerosol is the Purevac HVE, a new high-volume evacuation tool.

Purevac hve system

Mirror Tip and Suction All-in-One

The Purevac HVE has an ergonomic design that helps accommodate a fog-free mirror. This feature allows for clearer views, assisting the doctor and hygienist during treatment. Smooth and rounded edges provide an optimal retraction tool. The suction of the Purevac HVE is 135% more efficient than standard ejectors. This system is 14% quieter than traditional systems and will offer a more pleasant experience for our patients.

The advanced suction cuts down on time it takes during dental procedures, leading our office to run as efficiently as possible.

90% of aerosol matter gets reduced when using the Purevac HVE. The technology facilitates cleaner work environments.

Technology and Procedures

These units make existing dental services better and create a healthier environment. When you need dental work, we want to ensure your health and safety are our priority.

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