Dental Implants 101

While many people consider getting dental implants for cosmetic reasons, (which, by the way, is a very valid reason) dental implants can also play an important role in the health of the remaining surrounding teeth. When a tooth is lost, whether it is knocked out accidentally, or lost because of medical issues such as diabetes, … Continued

Widsom Teeth: Separating Fact from Fiction

If you bring up the subject of wisdom teeth with your family or friends, you will likely hear any number of horror stories about their experience with a wisdom tooth extraction or even that of a friend of a friend. In most cases, these stories are greatly exaggerated out of a sense of fear about … Continued

Dry Mouth and Your Oral Health

Saliva plays an essential role in keeping the mouth moist, cleaning debris from the teeth, and aiding in the digestive process. When you fail to produce enough saliva, your mouth can start to feel sticky and uncomfortable. The following looks at the symptoms and causes of dry mouth as well as how you can keep … Continued

What to Expect From a Root Canal

Fear of pain is one of the top reasons people put off going to the dentist. They envision a bunch of equipment in their mouth, and they expect that process to be painful and unpleasant. One of the most dreaded dental procedures is the root canal. However, knowledge about why you need one and what … Continued

Advances in Technology Improve Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry not only makes us look good on the outside, it makes us feel good on the inside as well. Studies show that people with a beautiful, healthy smile have more self-esteem and confidence. This has a major impact on one’s overall mood and lifestyle, as self-esteem and confidence are two major components of … Continued