Signs Your Child Needs Orthodontic Care

Orthodontics provides benefits beyond improving your smile’s appearance. It can correct a facial imbalance, make chewing easier, and prevent tooth decay and loss. Having a straight smile can also lead to increased emotional and social well-being. Potential Causes of a Misaligned Smile Crowding, especially of baby teeth, indicates a lack of room for permanent teeth. … Continued

What to Expect With an In-Chair Teeth Whitening Treatment

In-chair teeth whitening treatment is a dentist-administered procedure that uses specialized bleaching gel and LED light technology to brighten teeth that have been stained over time. What Causes Tooth Staining? Tooth staining is a common problem with several causes. The main reasons for teeth discoloration come from food and drinks which contain tannins. Tannins are … Continued

How To Prevent Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common ailment that we all have from time to time. It can be embarrassing and even a sign of serious oral health issues. Bad breath, also known as halitosis, has several causes, from dietary choices to gum disease and dry mouth. To prevent bad breath, you should brush, floss and use … Continued

3 Tips to Minimize Dental Anxiety

If you experience anxiety before you visit your dentist, you’re not alone—approximately 36% of the American population experience dental fear or anxiety. Around 12% have a severe dental phobia. Whether this is your first dental exam or if you need to go in for a dental emergency, try these strategies to help you cope with … Continued

How Thumb Sucking Can Harm Your Child’s Oral Health

Thumb sucking brings comfort to many babies and toddlers. Unfortunately, it can become habitual and harmful to their oral health development if they continue it beyond the toddler years. If you have concerns about your child’s thumb-sucking habit, here’s what you need to know. Thumb Sucking is a Normal Part of Childhood Babies often use … Continued