Are you experiencing pain around your teeth, jaws, and other neighboring regions? A toothache could be the reason as several factors cause it. While dental conditions cause most toothaches, there are several non-dental reasons, as well. In other cases like sinusitis, you could experience a fake toothache. The severity of the pain you experience could range from mild to sharp and could be an occasional or chronic one.

However, you can visit a dentist or expert at Hinsdale Dental to determine the real reason for the toothache. After a thorough oral examination and a dental x-ray, your dentist can offer solutions to fix the problem and determine whether or not the reason is dental or non-dental.

What are the Main Causes of Tooth Pain?

The causes for toothache can be divided into two main categories – dental and non-dental. Some of the most common dental reasons for your tooth pain include:

  • Tooth Decay/Cavities
  • Tooth Abscesses
  • Fractured Tooth
  • Infected or Diseased Gums
  • Damaged Filling
  • Grinding Teeth
  • Impaction
  • Eruption
  • Damage or Irritated Root
  • TMJ Disorder

In many cases, a toothache can be caused as a result of other diseases and medical symptoms.

  • If your ears, sinus, or heart is experiencing medical trouble, a common side effect could include tooth pain. Toothache is sometimes a telling sign for heart trouble and angina.
  • Additionally, infections and diseases in the ears can also cause pain, and sinuses can affect upper teeth, mimicking a dental problem.

To fully understand the reason behind your toothache, it is best to seek professional assistance from one of our dentists today.

Common Symptoms of Toothache

While toothache symptoms may seem relatively simple and obvious, there are several signs you should look out for before visiting the dentist. Often, a sudden change in temperature or sinus infections can lead to toothache but aren’t symptoms of tooth problems. Keep these symptoms in mind when looking for signs of toothache.

  • Pain When Chewing
  • Extreme Sensitivity to Temperature
  • Swelling around Jaw and Tooth
  • Infected or Diseased Gums
  • Tender and Sore Jaw
  • Discharge/Bleeding from Tooth
  • Visible Tooth Decay
  • Fever and Headache
  • Foul Discharge from Infected Tooth

These symptoms are telltale signs that your tooth may be in trouble. If you notice these signs, get them examined by an experienced dentist and fix them before the problem aggravates.

Signs That You Should Visit Your Dentist

While occasional toothache may not spell any real teeth problems, there are signs that you should visit your dentist at the earliest. Schedule an appointment with us today if you notice that:

  • Your Tooth Pain is Excruciating
  • You Have Fever or Headaches
  • You Experience Pain when Opening your Mouth
  • Your Toothache has Lasted for More than a Day or Two
  • Tender and Sore Jaw

For more information on our tooth pain services, contact our professionals today and schedule an appointment. With a thorough oral examination, our dentists can provide effective relief solutions for a broad spectrum of dental problems.