COVID-19 and Your Dental Care: What You Need to Know

Last month, Illinois lawmakers announced a stay-at-home order. The order requires citizens to cease most social gatherings and limit errands to the essentials until at least April 30. This is meant to slow the spread of COVID-19 – a novel coronavirus that has infected nearly 2 million people globally. The Illinois State Dental Society Board … Continued

Got a Toothache? Try These At-Home Remedies

No one likes having a toothache. The discomfort, swelling, and pain while eating or drinking can be enough to put anyone in a bad mood – and make them want to get to a dentist right away. But what do you do if you can’t get into your dentist’s office? Here are a few at-home … Continued

Thumb Sucking and Your Child’s Teeth

If you look through the windows of your kid’s school or daycare, you’re bound to see a few kids sucking on their thumbs. This is a common habit in infants and very young children, and one that usually goes away before the child enters elementary school. However, some children have a more difficult time breaking … Continued

How Do You Recognize a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is a problem with the teeth, gums, bone, and supporting tissue that requires urgent intervention by a professional. Pain doesn’t always accompany emergencies, although it is often a sign that something needs to be checked. The unpleasant sensation can come from the tooth, gums, or surrounding tissue. It can also feel like … Continued

Tooth Whitening: Procedure, Types, Side Effects and Risks

Tooth whitening is performed to lighten tooth color, not necessarily render teeth brilliant white as the term might suggest. It is achieved by changing the color or removing the formation of stains. Tooth bleaching is when chromogens on or within the tooth are chemically degraded. Most whitening products have hydrogen peroxide as their active ingredient. When this … Continued