Senior Dental Health: Key Risks

Whether you are 17 or 77, the importance of a healthy mouth cannot be understated. But dental patients over 60 years old are at a much higher risk of developing oral health complications. As we age, natural changes to nerves, bone strength, and mobility can make it challenging to maintain good oral health. Because oral … Continued

Best Oral Health Resolutions to Make This Year

A new year is in full swing, which means it’s time to start making your resolutions for 2021. Whether you call it a resolution or a goal, making a commitment to yourself is always a worthwhile exercise. Have you made your resolutions yet? If you haven’t put your goals down on paper yet, now is … Continued

3 Tips to Get Your Teen Brushing Regularly

How often does your teen brush their teeth? If the answer is “rarely,” know that you certainly are not alone. A recent survey showed that 34 percent of teens are skipping at least one brushing session on a regular basis. Even more shocking, 2 percent aren’t brushing their teeth at all. Teens aged 12–17 are … Continued

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Toothbrush

We’ve all been taught as children to brush our teeth when we wake up and before we go to bed – and for good reason. Your toothbrush is what clears away bacteria, food particles and plaque, ensuring that your gums and teeth stay healthy for years to come. Your toothbrush may be a simple tool, … Continued

How Do Halloween Candies Affect Dental Health?

Halloween and candy go hand-in-hand – but for many children, that dynamic duo also includes cavities. As the Halloween festivities wrap up and children look forward to weeks of sugary snacks from their trick-or-treating haul, oral health should be top of mind. It’s no surprise that eating higher amounts of sugar leaves teeth susceptible to … Continued